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“Leap Seconds” Are A Thing, This Video Will Explain It Before You Break Your Brain

Aaauaagh maybe one happened in the time it took to read that headline!


At this time of year many of us remember the elusive time unicorn that is February 29th, or leap day. But did you know there are “leap seconds” too?

Apparently the constant slight slowing of Earth necessitates “leap seconds” to allow our clocks time to catch up. But don’t hurt yourself trying to process that–“Chief Scientist for Time Services” Demetrios Matsakis of the U.S. Naval Observatory, aka ACTUAL FATHER TIME, is here to break it down for you.

The video is part of Atlantic Tech’s fantastic series on time. Check it out here if you don’t mind melting your brain like a Salvador Dali watch.

(via io9 and Atlantic Tech image via Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure)

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