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Former President Bill Clinton Knows Everything About My Little Pony

Imagine What You'll Know Tomorrow

Bill Clinton, former president, famed humanitarian, Rhodes Scholar, and….Brony?

Appearing on NPR’s Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! this weekend, former president Clinton was put to the test on the matter of the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic in an effort by the hosts to have the man face something he should by all public knowledge know absolutely nothing about. Then he proceeded to answer all of the questions thrown at him correctly.

With no grandchildren to speak of who might watch the show, there are only three logical answers to this mystery that we can think of: 1) Chelsea Clinton was a big fan of the original MLP back in the day, 2) The former president is secretly a Brony (what else is there to do once your tenure in office is up?), or 3) He made some lucky guesses. The last one probably has the highest chance of being true, but we’re gonna go with #2, as it’s the most entertaining answer. The actual bit starts around 6:30, and the full recording follows:

(The Daily What via NPR)

(Photo via One Can Not Know)

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