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Imagine Living in a Reality Where You Miss the “Calmness of Donald Trump”

National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow (R) looks on as then-president Donald Trump speaks to reporters in the Oval Office of the White House

During a recent segment on Fox Business, Larry Kudlow–an economist best known in recent years for his undying sycophancy for Donald Trump–said that he “yearn[s]” for the “calmness” of Trump’s presidency.

Calmness. The state of being calm. “Free from agitation or strong emotion,” per the dictionary. My brain genuinely cannot process the idea of someone thinking that Donald Trump brought calmness to any situation. Kudlow was talking about Biden’s handling of the U.S.’ withdrawal from Afghanistan but there’s no context whatsoever that could make this make sense.

Kudlow clearly knows how ridiculous his statement sounds since he clarifies without prompting that he’s “actually quite serious.” He also says he’s “not worried about tweets or whatever,” which is good for him because the tweets have not been favorable.

Just in case you thought maybe Kudlow’s comment was a slip of the tongue, this nostalgia for a fictitious “calmness” actually seems to be his new talking point. On his own Fox Business show last week, he said, “Truthfully, I yearn for the calm, peaceful, placid leadership days of President Donald Trump.”

The former Director of the National Economic Council is no stranger to distorting reality to suit his own Trump-devoted agenda. Earlier this year he said that Americans were going to be forced to celebrate the Fourth of July under Biden by grilling brussels sprouts and drinking “plant-based beer.” (I still don’t know what he thinks beer is currently made of if not plants.) He also had heaps of unwanted opinions last year for how the country should handle the coronavirus pandemic and it was exactly the sort of terrible public health advice you’d expect from a Fox economist, like insisting people should just go back to work and that the “difficult tradeoffs” would be worth it.

By “difficult tradeoffs,” he meant the hundreds of thousands of American deaths that experts were (correctly) warning us about.

At least Kudlow is consistent in presenting himself as someone 100% not worth listening to.

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