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You’ll Look “Sharp” With These Cufflinks That Are Also Extremely Sharp Knives

If you’ve got a penchant for James Bond style gadgets and getting tackled by security while wearing an expensive shirt, then you are going to love these knife cufflinks. Barely larger than the buttonholes they are designed to secure, these super sharp blades will keep you sharp in every sense of the word. You’re also guaranteed to forget you’re wearing them while walking through airport security. Whoops.

Retailing for an astonishing $56, the stainless steel knifelinks arrive with a diamond dust sharpener. The retailer recommends that you use it to cut loose threads, but let’s be honest: These things are about making you feel cool and not a bit about utility.

If you, like me, think this might be a great way to waste some hard-earned cash, then fear not. The retailer also sells a set of lighter cufflinks — perfect for accidentally setting you or a loved one on fire!

(Cool Material via Gizmodo)

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