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This Phone is $50,000, Has a Keypad and No Touchscreen

When it comes to buying over-the-top, extremely expensive devices and accessories, you’re basically throwing money away and everybody knows it. That being the case, a lot of these higher end devices seem to revel in their lack of features to further de-justify their already ludicrous price point. Look at the new Grand Premier, from Gresso for instance. A $50,000 dollar phone that has buttons. Buttons? I thought we were past this, people.

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OK, so it’s a little outdated in that sense, but this baby has overĀ five ounces of 18-carat goldĀ baked right in. On top of that, it’s kind of sexy. Sexy in the way a hotel TV remote could be sexy if you slathered it in gold. The kind of TV remote that would play only the priciest pay-per-view porn and be attached to the desk with a diamond filament tether or something. Don’t you kind of want one now? Yeah, neither do I.

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