“Endless Happiness” Pen Costs $995,510

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If you needed something to go with your $8 million iPad 2 Gold History Edition, designer Anita Tan has the perfect accessory: The Endless Happiness Pen, which costs a cool $995,510. The 18k pink gold pen is set with 126 pieces of diamonds, rubies and sapphires, and if you thought it wrote with ink, think again, it writes with love. From the item’s product description:

Loves Flows from the top of the cap like the river , nourishing the diamond Blossom Apricot Mai Flower symbol of the Prosperity and Forever Happiness, With the Paramite shaped melees rubies in the centre moving back & forth between the Ruby Diamonds Heart& the Apricot Mai Sakura diamonds Flower. The top and low end of the pen is encrusted with diamonds. The Body is supported by a branch with subtle rubies and diamonds: The Endless Happiness.

Though oddly formatted, the text describes the pen in detail, except for maybe the bit where love is flowing out of it. If you aren’t exactly into tech and didn’t feel like dropping $8 million on that fancy iPad, you could drop slightly under $1 million on a pen and use it to write on paper instead of use it to play Angry Birds.

(AL GEMS Collections via Technabob)

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