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Kids React to XBox One Vs. Playstation 4, Would Like You All To Stop Fighting Now [Video]

They are surprisingly more knowledgable than we would have guessed.

Let’s be real — as much as the marketing behind the newest series of consoles has tried to court adults with the expendable income to spend a whole bunch of money on different games, it’s the little kids that they want to hook early. The Fine Brothers sat their regular suspects down to ask them their thoughts about video games as a whole.

To be honest, we were pretty bummed to see the one girl tell the Fine Brothers that she wouldn’t be into video games because she’s a girl. But other than that, these kids have some good advice — stop being mean to each other because of which console you buy. Also, be careful giving that one little boy with the amazing eyebrows Internet access. We’re scared of what he’s going to do with it.

(via The Fine Bros on Youtube)

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