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Kevin Butler’s Twitter Account Accidentally Tweets PS3 Security Key

Kevin Butler, a fictional character played by Jerry Lambert in Sony’s “It Only Does Everything” campaign and Sony’s Regional Manager of War, recently retweeted the METLDR root key, otherwise known as the PlayStation 3 security key. Twitter user @exiva sent Kevin Butler’s Twitter account this tweet, to which Kevin Butler’s Twitter account replied with this one (the link is a retweet of Kevin Butler’s now-removed reply).

The reason why I’m not referring to Kevin Butler’s Twitter account as simply “Kevin Butler?” Because Kevin Butler is a character played by an actor, and his Twitter account is most likely handled by various people, as one who follows @TheKevinButler and notices small deviations in writing style between different tweets probably realizes. Hopefully whichever person retweeted the security key–whether they knew what the mess of numbers was or not–doesn’t receive some kind of harsh punishment for retweeting something that can be found with a quick Google search.

(via GamersMint)

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