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Katee Sackhoff Teases New “Super Secret Job”… Could It Be Marvelous?

Wish fulfillment mode: On.

Katee Sackhoff’s not been shy about the fact that she wants to play all the female superhero characters ever, so her Tweets teasing a new “super secret job” have got some people thinking Starbuck might be ditching her flight uniform for the gloves and jump suit of Captain Marvel. Check out the other two clues behind the cut.

411 Mania points out that the red leather and the shape of whatever’s being molded could correlate to this Captain Marvel cowl, though the lace is an outlier.

I’m skeptical for several reasons. One, Marvel’s pretty secretive and letting their actors throw out hints on Twitter doesn’t seem their style, though certainly you have an exception to that in Vin Diesel, who told everyone “Yeah, I’m playing Groot” months before Marvel got around to officially announcing it. Two, if Sackhoff’s already locked in as Captain Marvel, why didn’t they reveal it last weekend at Comic-Con? And three, given Kevin Feige’s latest statements about a female-led superhero movie (“We want to do it, we swear, but it’s harrrrrd!”), I’m feeling a little cynical about the prospect of a Captain Marvel movie at all.

Prove me wrong, universe. Prove me wrong.

(Thanks, tipster Eric)

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