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Wait, This Can’t Be the End of ‘Kaiju No. 8,’ We’re Not Ready!

It’s coming to an end too soon! Kaiju No. 8 is now ready to reveal its season 1 finale. The latest hit anime has been praised for its animation, storytelling, and lovable lead character, which makes it all the harder for us to say goodbye (hopefully, that goodbye is only temporary).

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Let’s take a look at what awaits us in Kaiju No. 8, episode 12.

A quick recap

Episode 11 saw Hibino Kafka finally facing a challenge we knew was coming, perhaps his hardest yet—proving his humanity. After having to transform into his kaiju form to protect the entire Tachikawa Base from a humongous kaiju bomb that would have obliterated everyone, Kafka is taken away in handcuffs. The Japan Anti-Kaiju Defence Force now has to figure out what to do with him, and as usual in these types of anime, execution is thrown out there as a possible solution.

Kafka is determined to prove himself human, but when Kikoru tries to plead with her father and the Director General, Isao Shinomiya, to release Kafka, he shows her imaging of Kafka’s chest. It shows that his heart has been replaced with a kaiju core. Kafka, having been locked in a high-level facility, is then confronted by Isao, who wields a powerful weapon taken from the formerly destructive Kaiju No. 2. During the confrontation, Isao shows his strength, pushing Kafka to the limit, to the point where he starts to lose himself inside his kaiju form. The last shot is of Kafka, or rather Kaiju No. 8, charging full strength at Isao whilst Kikoru screams from the sidelines, “Stop it! You’re human, Hibino Kafka!”

Season finale time!

Kafka Hibino in kaiju form from Kaiju No. 8, Episode 7

The Kaiju No. 8 season finale will air on schedule on Saturday, June 29 at 7:00 AM (PT). We can’t imagine that Kafka will allow his Kaiju-self to injure Isao, and it’s likely Kikoru’s words will get through to him, allowing him to regain control of himself and stop at the last second. What happens from there will be determined by Isoa’s judgment.

Though we are sad that next week will be the last episode for a while, season 2 is already rumored to be in development. Given that the anime has been a popular one, it’s no surprise that a second season is already being discussed as the production companies will want to capitalize on the anime’s success as quickly as possible.

Kaiju No. 8, episode 12 will be available to stream on Crunchyroll and other third-party apps.

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