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Jurassic World Theory Links Kid From Jurassic Park to Chris Pratt’s Character

Fan theories, uh, find a way.


A couple days ago, former TMS editor Victoria McNally wrote an article over at MTV that brought up one of Jurassic Park‘s most enduring mysteries: who is that kid at the beginning? And where does he go?

The boy, played by Whit Hertford, is only credited as “Volunteer Boy” in the original film. However, a theory has been circulating that the boy grew up to be Chris Pratt’s Owen in Jurassic World! Apparently, he does come back, just a few years late. Peter Sciretta at Slashfilm lays it out:

The theory is that that kid not only went on to respect raptors, but he grew up learning everything he could about them. And when it was announced that Jurassic World would be opening, he applied for a position on the island working with raptors. Remember how Grant showed the kid to “show a little respect” to the raptors. In Jurassic World, Pratt’s character Owen even describes his relationships with the parks raptors as “a relationship based on respect”

He goes on to trace the rumor to Community creator Dan Harmon, the first to share it with a large audience. Finally, Sciretta went straight to director Colin Trevorrow who responded ambiguously.

I’m not sure I want to answer because the speculation is so much fun. Let’s not kill the fun.

Meanwhile, Hertford tweeted this in response to the rumors:

Moral of the story: respect raptors and you’ll grow up to be Chris Pratt.

(via Slashfilm)

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