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Welcome… to the Jurassic Park LEGO Set

Make. This. Happen.

LEGO Jurassic Cover

I need there to be a tiny Ian Malcolm on desk, and it looks like the best chance of that happening is to have everyone go to the LEGO CUUSOO page and vote on this Jurassic Park LEGO set submission. Please do that immediately. If you’re not convinced we have more pictures for you.

LEGO CUUSOO is the crowd-sourced site that resulted in the Back to the Future LEGO set becoming a reality, and I’d love to see the same happen for this Jurassic Park set. The designs posted by CUUSOO user Sami Mustonen are actually just beautiful 3D renders from LEGO Digital Designer, but he insists the designs are structurally sound as far as LEGO goes.

Take a look at some more images of his proposed set:

[geekovision id=279]

The set currently has 3,701 supporters on the CUUSOO site, but it needs to hit 10,000 for an official review by LEGO.

(LEGO CUUSOO via The Mary Sue)

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