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First Writer To Leave the DCnU Leaves Static Shock

and let it be known

The DCnU’s lineup has had only a few change-ups at this point, mostly artists bowing out of the responsibilities of putting a monthly book together, but yesterday saw the first vacancy in the lineup for a writer, with John Rozum announcing his resignation from writing the ongoing Static Shock title.

This is disappointing, however, it also doesn’t seem to be in any way DC Comics’ fault, and honestly that deserves a mention.

John Rozum’s helming of the first ongoing Static Shock series since his original one ended in 1994 was particularly poignant considering his personal comics history. Rozum began his career a Milestone Comics, the company founded by diversity-in-comics pioneer Dwayne McDuffie to create superhero comics whose characters were honest portrayals of people of color not tokens. McDuffie created Static and debuted him in Milestone’s first titles, and his untimely death at the beginning of this year surprised and saddened many. So it was certainly fitting that a Milestone veteran would shepherd Static’s first ongoing set in the DC Universe.

Rozum wants everyone to know, however, that his decision to leave has nothing to do with DC, and above all that he was not fired.

I have resigned from Static Shock. Before any speculation starts the decision was entirely mine. My issues for leaving had nothing to do with the character or with DC Comics. I plan to continue working for DC long into the future and am developing new projects for them at this time.

Given a lot of people’s suspicious feelings regarding the relationship between DC Comics and Milestone Media, I will also warn not to read into this that my decision was based on any decisions regarding the handling of the character by DC Comics. This is not true. I maintain a belief that the folks at DC also share a belief that Static has a lot of potential as part of the DCnU and that they would like the character to remain true to his origins, and established nature.

My decision had nothing to do with DC Comics.

Zodspeed, Mr. Rozum, and I hope DC manages to find someone half as fitting to continue Static’s adventures.

(via Bleeding Cool.)

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