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John Oliver’s Call to Action on Net Neutrality Crashed Part of the FCC’s Website. Good.

Well done, trolls.

John Oliver FCC Crash

We posted John Oliver’s explanation of Net Neutrality from Last Week Tonight yesterday, and in it he called on shitty Internet commenters to ply their trade on the FFC’s comment page — saying, “Turn on caps lock and fly, my pretties!” And they listened. Part of crashed as a result.

The FCC acknowledged the outage on their Twitter feed yesterday.

It appears to be up and running now, though the page to actually comment on the Net Neutrality proceedings directly took several minutes to load just now. Maybe because as news of the outage is spreading today, more people are checking the page to see if it’s still down?

Why not take a few minutes of your day to tell the FCC what you think of Net Neutrality? Maybe we can crash the site again.

(via PC Mag, image via John Oliver)

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