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John Oliver Breaks Down the Troubling Health Issues Within the WWE

Wrestling is better than the things you like.

John Oliver tackled the health issues within World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (WWE), and as a former WWE fan, it's an important conversation to have.

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John Oliver’s Interview With Monica Lewinsky Is a Must-Watch

John Oliver ran through the good and the bad of public shaming before diving into an interview with the person who has described herself in the past as "patient zero" of internet shaming: Monica Lewinsky.

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Last Week Tonight’s Season Finale Shows You Three Ways to Spot Authoritarian Leaders

In the season finale, John Oliver talks about the alarming trend towards authoritarian leaders using examples from Russia, Brazil, the Philippines, and more.

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John Oliver Shows Why We Absolutely Need to Keep Talking About Family Separation on Last Week Tonight

On yesterday's Last Week Tonight, John Oliver takes a look at family separation, the "most emblematic moment of [Trump's] presidency so far—it was cruel, sloppy, needless, racist, and ultimately, exactly what we should have expected."

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John Oliver Puts Together the World’s Most Repelling Sounds so You’ll Stop Watching HBO and Research State Attorneys General

On yesterday's Last Week Tonight, host John Oliver discusses the State Attorneys General, giving you two minutes at the end to stop watching and do research instead.

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John Oliver Makes Some Hilarious Retractions Involving Alaska, Trains, & More on Last Week Tonight

"We work hard to insure that everything I say is as accurate as possible but inevitably, despite our diligence, occasional errors do slip through," says the host.

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John Oliver Tackles Astroturfing, or the Real Paid Protesters, on Last Week Tonight

"Pure, straight up opposite world."

The fake grassroots movement is full of lies and deception, and John Oliver warns that the dangers can go "way beyond the narrow issues that each group is trying to influence".

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John Oliver Describes How Prosecutors Have Made Courts as Sad and Futile as “AT&T’s Customer Service Hotline”

In yesterday's episode of Last Week Tonight, host John Oliver took shots at Donald Trump Jr., Paul Manafort's awful fashion sense, and  how prosecutors, despite being a mostly overlooked aspect of the criminal justice system, have a great deal of power that is very often abused. 

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John Oliver Presents a Scathingly Honest Version of Facebook’s Apology Ads

"Seriously, you guys, we were making so much money off of you. You don't even understand."

Oliver thinks Facebook needs a friend–a real friend, not a Facebook friend–to remind them who they really are: "a surveillance system disguised as a high school reunion." So they made an ad of their own, one that's a lot more honest than the one Facebook made.

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Last Week Tonight Shares Their Most Absurd Unused Graphics, and One Even Weirder Real Picture

Host John Oliver shares some of the show's strangest graphics that never made it on air in this web exclusive for Last Week Tonight.

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“Everything Is Awful”: John Oliver Calls SCOTUS Fight “Extremely Grim” on Last Week Tonight

"They've appealed to Mitch McConnell's sense of fairness and consistency by pointing out he refused to confirm Merrick Garland before a major election", Oliver says. "The problem there is that McConnell couldn't give a flying fuck about fairness or consistency."

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Last Week Tonight Tackles the Separation of Children and Parents at the Border, Kim-Trump, & China

In yesterday's episode, John Oliver talks about Trump's admiration for Kim Jong-un, the separation of children and parents at the border, and Chinese Leader Xi Jinping.

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John Oliver Enlists Neil deGrasse Tyson, Rita Moreno, Lily Tomlin, and More in Last Week Tonight‘s Guardianship Story

"Shut up Neil! Shut up!"

John Oliver's guardianship segment included a brief allusion to Sam Bee's Ivanka-Trump-directed "feckless c**t" comment.

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Things We Saw Today: Why Can’t This Fake John Oliver/James Van Der Beek Podcast About Iranian Politics Be Real?

And, as Oliver says, “If you didn’t think that James Van Der Beek was an expert in Iranian history, you need to expand your expectations of what people are capable of.”

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Last Week Tonight Is Trying to Save the Last Blockbuster in America With Russell Crowe Memorabilia

John Oliver shows off the various Russell Crowe memorabilia from the actor's "Art of Divorce" auction to try and save the last Blockbuster in Alaska.

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John Oliver Starts a Crisis Pregnancy Center to Show How Predatory and Unqualified They Are on Last Week Tonight

Yesterday's Last Week Tonight was about how Crisis Pregnancy Centers deceive women with unplanned pregnancies to manipulate them out of an abortion. Rachel Dratch's "Wanda Jo Oliver" returns.

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John Oliver Explains Why Immigration Courts Are a “Complete Mess” on Last Week Tonight

One commenter says that immigration courts are essentially a "death penalty cases in traffic court settings." H. Jon Benjamin makes an appearance.

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Last Week Tonight’s Marlon Bundo Book for Charity Is a Best-seller

Last Week Tonight's Marlon Bundo Book is currently #1 on Amazon for "Best Sellers in Books".

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Charlotte Pence Bought Last Week Tonight’s Book That Takes Aim at Mike Pence’s Policies

Charlotte Pence revealed that she has purchased A Day in the Life of Marlon BundoLast Week Tonight's alternative to Pence's own book about the vice president's family bunny.

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John Oliver Presents an Adorable Children’s Book That’ll Really Annoy Mike Pence on Last Week Tonight

The only likable thing about Mike Pence is his bunny, Marlon Bundo. So, Last Week Tonight wrote a children's book about him.

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