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The New Trailer for John Dies At The End Looks Fricking Awesome

There’s a new trailer for the big screen adaptation of David Wong’s excellent and totally bizarre novel John Dies at the End, and man, can we not wait for this thing. Meat monsters, interdimensional drug trips, the perpetual leer of Paul Giamatti…what else can one ask for? Oh, how about for the whole shebang to be helmed by Don Coscarelli, whose Phantasm will always hold a very special place in our hearts? Those are a whole lot of things that make us happy crammed into two and a half minutes of trailer. Enjoy it with us, won’t you?

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Pretty cool, right? We’re psyched. We also want to point out that, if you haven’t yet, this is totally a movie you should spoil by reading the book first, because it’s great. Now who do we see about getting a Redshirts movie in the works?

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