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Make a Pistol That Fires Coins at Your Co-Workers Using What’s Already in Your Cubicle [Video]


Let’s be real — there’s probably someone in your office that you don’t look forward to seeing when you get to work in the morning. Around the Geekosystem office, for example, it’s me. As I’ve said before, the rest of my esteemed colleagues should shut up and stop being such a bunch of whiny babies, because things could be a lot worse. They could work with slingshot savant Joerg Sprave, whose latest invention is a pump action pistol that shoots coins. What’s more, Sprave MacGyvered this piece of office artillery together using nothing but things you would find in a standard office setting, meaning he wouldn’t even have to leave his desk to make your life a nightmare from which there is no waking. I’m pretty good, but even I have to walk downstairs and get street meat for lunch to make the work environment that unpleasant.

Seriously, this dude would just be the terror of the water cooler. You could never feel safe getting a cup of coffee, always knowing that somewhere, Sprave was out there…waiting…watching…hunting.

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