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New Yorkers Build Shrine to Steve Jobs Outside 5th Avenue Cube

It’s no secret that the late Steve Jobs loved simplicity and elegance, and probably cubes, too. After all, he brought out not only the ill-fated Apple Cube but the iller-fated NeXT Cube. However, his most famous cube is probably the above-ground portion of the flagship Apple Store on Fifth Avenue in New York, which became the site of a spontaneous memorial after Jobs’ passing.

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We’ve talked on the site about what the death of Steve Jobs means, but it’s still strange to see such public displays of grief at — of all places — a high-end retail outlet. In truth, while these people surely feel sadness, they seem to be mourning Steve Jobs the character, the public figure. As such, perhaps it’s fitting that they express their loss at the place most connected to that persona.

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