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Supergirl Stuntwoman Jessie Graff Made History (Again) & We’re Not Sure Our Hearts Can Take It

Jessie Graff has already made American Ninja Warrior history a number of times, first by being the first woman to complete the 14 1/2 foot Warped Wall, then for being the first woman to complete Stage One of the final course. So what’s next? Yup, becoming the first woman to not just attempt Stage Two, but complete it.

Are you having a down day? Caught up in misogynistic Wonder Woman reviews or Trump Twitter tantrums? Well, forget about the rest of the world for a minute or six, and just focus on Jessie Graff being the absolute greatest.

Can we also take a second to appreciate the hosts’ commentary? Thank you to these two men, Akbar Gbaja-Biamila and Matt Iseman, who have nothing but respect and admiration for Graff, cheering her along and offering up sentiments about how “she’s such a tremendous influence on little girls and little boys.” None of this “good for a girl” nonsense, not even a hint of it. They’re part of the reason why I can’t watch a video of Jessie Graff without crying.

For instance, take this moment:


Thank you for that. They’re so fantastic, and so encouraging and proud, that I’m not even mad when they called her Wonder Woman. Because as we know, Jessie Graff is the actual stuntwoman for Supergirl.

Oh, do you need an adorable video of Supergirl doing pullups with a tiny child on her lap? Okay, we’ve got that.

Or maybe you were looking for some cute animals?

You know what? Yes, fine, they’re right. Jessie Graff is Wonder Woman. And Supergirl. She’s everything.

(via Jezebel, featured image: screengrab)

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