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Jessica Jones May Be Returning to Marvel Comics With Brian Michael Bendis at the Helm


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Marvel editor Tom Brevoort all but confirmed that we’d be getting Jessica Jones, who’s been spending most of her time kicking ass in her eponymous hit Netflix show, back in comics!

At Marvel’s “All-New, All-Different” panel at C2E2, Brevoort made a pretty awesome announcement about the likely return of Jessica Jones to Marvel Comics. According to io9, he said:

Without saying anything, Brian Bendis in particular has been having an itch to get back to the character and he’s walked me through what the next storyline would be and it’s awesome. Once he’s got ‘Civil War II’ off his back, it’s not impossible that we’d say lets do a Jessica book, whether it’s ‘Jessica Jones’ or ‘Alias’ or ‘The Pulse’ of we come up with another name for it. Definitely something we want to do, that’s more certain than the Kate Bishop book.

So, this might be happening maybe sort of definitely Brevoort wink-wink nudge-nudge? With all due respect to Kate Bishop, it makes WAY more sense that Marvel would bring Jessica Jones back to life in her own solo title, as the character has proven ridiculously popular on television. The idea that one of her original Alias creators, Brian Michael Bendis has already not only expressed interest in returning to the character, but has a story in mind is totally encouraging. We haven’t seen her in comics since last year’s Jessica Jones prequel one-shot, but since both Bendis and co-creator, artist Michael Gaydos came back to do that, one can hope that Gaydos would also return to an ongoing Jessica Jones title.

What will be interesting is seeing those two continue writing and drawing the new take on their character from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I’m generally not the biggest fan of tie-in comics series to TV shows that are currently broadcasting, but I’ve been happily surprised before.

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