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Five Reasons We’re Pumped for a James Wan MacGyver Movie

We’ve heard rumors about a MacGyver movie for a while now, but Variety is reporting that Saw director James Wan is in talks to direct the project. Wan might seem like an odd choice to take the helm of a MacGyver movie since the classic television show is about a pacifist trying to save the world through science and quick thinking, and not about gruesome murders and houses full of sadistic traps, but we have our reasons for thinking Wan is a great pick.

Any time Hollywood tries to resurrect a franchise of decades past the Internet works itself into a fit, but we really think this time it could be different. Here’s why.

  1. Believability — MacGyver was a great television show, nay– the greatest television show — but it did manage to cross the line into the ridiculous a few times, like when Mac builds a laser out of some old artifacts. Saw was over-the-top in gore, but it was believable. You really can handcuff Cary Elwes to a pipe. (DO NOT ATTEMPT) Maybe Wan can keep the producers of the movie away from anything too outlandish.
  2. Improvised Traps — The elaborate traps in the Saw franchise already seem like something MacGyver might create if he decided to give up his non-violent ways and go on a murder spree. So although the two seem very different at first, they at least have that in common.
  3. Credibility — Sadly, it seems like a lot of people have forgotten about MacGyver or think that it was anything less than the masterful achievement in storytelling that is was. This needs to be remedied, and maybe Wan is the guy to do it. There’s already some buzz about his upcoming film The Conjuring, and he could parlay that into a big comeback for everyone’s favorite mulleted secret agent.
  4. He’s not Michael BayMacGyver had enough explosions. We don’t need any more, thanks.
  5. The potential for crossover — This one’s a long shot, but it would be insane to see a Freddy vs. Jason style movie that puts MacGyver up against Jigsaw. This would also be true of MacGyver vs. Kevin McCallister from Home Alone, or MacGyver vs. Data from Goonies. Please. Someone make those happen.

Those are our reasons for being pumped for this deal. What are yours?

Update: James Wan confirmed on The Nerdist podcast that he was working on a MacGyver movie. Unfortunately that’s “was” as in past tense.

He told host Chris Hardwick, “That [MacGyver] was a project I was very passionate about, but then something came along and I think MacGyver’s now been pushed aside.”

The something that came along is the latest The Fast and the Furious sequel which Wan is directing. They didn’t spend much time talking about MacGyver, but they did manage to hit almost all five of the points I mentioned above about why I think a James Wan MacGyver would be great.

We know that Wan is no longer attached, but what exactly that means for MacGyver is unclear. They could find another director (I’d be happy to do it) or maybe MacGyver is dead in the water. Though that’s never stopped him before:

MacGyver Coffin

(via Variety)

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