What Did These Children Thank Ivanka Trump for?

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Yesterday night, Ivanka “Seriously, what is her job?” Trump shared an image of her smiling next to a pile of thank you cards. She tweeted that reading the cards, full of hearts and “Thank you Ms. Ivanka Trump”s, was “one of the highlights of my week.”

It seems the only way to get the attention of the White House these days is in the form of a brand/propaganda-friendly praise from children. Forget the United Nations statement y’all, just scribble your manifesto and “Denounce white supЯemacy” in crayon with a heart over the “i” to get their attention.

The internet, however, was a bit skeptical. Because, well, what are they thanking her for? All the cards were extremely vague, which led to the internet poking some fun at the tweet.

So what do you think the letters were thanking Ivanka for? Being an adviser that “tries to “stay out of politics“? For her inspiring fashion sense that comes at the expense of sweatshop labor? Maybe it’s for her champagne popsicle recipes or her ability to misquote Toni Morrison? No, likely it’s her ability to brand herself as a moderating influence on her father, because she’s such a good influence on him y’all. 

To the White House staffer who had to spend their morning drawing thank you notes with crayons and markers in different handwritings: You don’t have to live like this.

(via Huffington Post, image: screencap)

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