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Ivanka Trump’s Cringeworthy Memorial Day Tweet Forgot What Memorial Day Is About



This weekend, Ivanka Trump followed in her father’s footsteps in that proud family tradition of saying really obtuse things on Twitter.

In general, it’s not a great idea for companies and brands to get political with their social media accounts. Even with the best intentions–which they don’t have to begin with most of the time–when companies tweet about political or otherwise impactful topics, it inevitably comes across as making light or trying to profit off of important issues. And that’s no different for the company that is Ivanka Trump.

Ivanka Trump is having a difficult time separating herself the human from herself the brand. Sure, she’s quite possibly the most powerful woman in the country and an official government employee, but she’s also the face of a lifestyle brand, complete with constant concerns over the ethics of maintaining that brand. So it’s disappointing, but not exactly surprising, that her official blog tweeted out this completely dense Memorial Day message:

Ivanka Trump HQ is the “official Twitter of #TeamIvanka,” which sells itself on “Inspiring and empowering women to create the lives they want to live.” And apparently the lives Trump thinks women want to live involves honoring those who died serving in the armed forces with champagne popsicles.

Sure, over at her own personal page, Ivanka had an intern craft this nice tweet:


Funny that that doesn’t actually do anything to wash away the ickiness of the President’s daughter and main advisor using (or rather, ignoring) fallen soldiers to shill the lifestyle blog that bears her name and sells her dresses.

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