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New Iron Man 3 Trailer Features a Whole Mess of Iron Men [Video]

Robert Downey Jr. might not be the best actor ever, but he’s certainly the best Tony Stark. Iron Man 3 certainly looks like it’s going to have even more explosions than the two previous movies, so there’s that too. Plus, Don Cheadle, Gwyneth Paltrow, Ben Kingsley, and Guy Pearce? The film’s just full of great folks. We still have to wait until May 3rd to see the full thing, but Marvel’s released yet another gorgeous trailer to hold us over until then.

Spoilers: It features a bunch of Iron Man-brand armors fighting, and they certainly don’t look to have anyone in them. Also, there’s a bunch of posturing from Tony, but what else is new? He does seem a little down for someone that’s recently saved the entire world, but whatever.

Even superheroes are allowed to mope from time to time.

(YouTube via Comic Book Resources)

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