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Here Are The Trailers You Missed If You Didn’t Watch The Super Bowl Last Night [Video]

Didn’t watch the Super Bowl? Not even for the commercials? We understand — large men being paid huge sums of money to run into one another very, very fast isn’t exactly everyone’s thing. In fact, when we put it like that, it can even sound like a rather silly pastime. Or maybe, like yours truly, you watched the game on CBS’s stream, and didn’t see the big budget commercials the event is famed for, instead being subjected to that stupid Blackberry commercial like a bazillion times. Either way, you’re short new teasers– and some new footage, even — from Iron Man 3 and Star Trek Into Darkness. Worry not, though — you can check them out below. We won’t even make you sit through a half hour of blackout to see them.

Here’s the extended cut of last night’s Iron Man 3 trailer, now with 30% more Robert Downey Jr. giving you the crazy eye and a reminder that every sentence ever is spookier when it’s uttered in a menacing Ben Kingsley baritone.

And if you’re still waiting for a name for Benedict Cumberbatch’s villain in the newest Star Trek movie… yeah, you’re gonna have to keep waiting. But at least Kirk is finally asking the pertinent question now! Baby steps, everyone. We’d actually have a lot of respect for this move if there was any chance it would keep the identity of the villain a secret for more than, like 30 seconds after the first midnight show, but hey, what are you gonna do? Points for effort, we suppose.

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