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Thanksgiving More Popular Than Hurricane Sandy, According To All Important Instagram Metric

People love taking them some pictures of food, and there’s no more food friendly event than Thanksgiving. It’s perhaps no surprise, then, that yesterday’s turkey feasts marked the highest of high points for the Instagram, which saw 226 pictures of turkey dinners uploaded to its service every second near it’s high point at midday.

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The more than 10 million photos uploaded yesterday blew past the 800,000 taken of Hurricane Sandy, making Thanksgiving 2012 by far the most shared event on the photo service, and officially setting the precedent that on principle, most people prefer “spending time with extended family” to “hurricanes” — even if it may feel like it’s a slim margin, sometimes.

It wasn’t just family dinners, though — commercial brands were making the most of the service on the holiday, posting updates on their Black Friday deals, buoying the numbers of photos, but it looks like plenty of people were adding images of their own happy families to the service for posterity. Because remember — having a good time doesn’t really count as having a good time unless you tell the Internet about it.

(via TechCrunch)

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