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So Many People Impeached for Making a Perfect Phone Call

Call him, beep him, if you want to impeach him

Call me beep me Carol Danvers

The only thing the president is good for has been memes. Yes, I said what I said. Whenever Trump goes on a Tweet rampage, we end up mocking it on Twitter for days and days. It’d be particularly funny if Donald Trump wasn’t President of the United States! That being said, the latest tweet—and subsequent memestorm—has become a fun idiotic journey into our love of pop culture and phone calls in the cultural zeitgeist.

Ranging from phone calls that kill to memes from Black Swan and many many phonebooth jokes (but not Phonebooth which seems like a real missed opportunity if you know what I mean), the meme is there to help guide us through our tears. Impeachment is hard but trying to breathe through my laughter is even harder! (Not really I’m crying please someone come save us.)

The original tweet was … I guess simple?

Honestly, this should be terrifying but at this point, I’m just numb to it all. So the tweets were in the same vein.

We can smile at these memes and for a brief beautiful moment, we’re transported from the reality that this country is literally combusting right before our eyes. 2020 is going to be a long journey to November and even then, we don’t know that we’re free so … I guess find the joy when we can?

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