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I Am Not OK After Seeing David Corenswet’s Clark Kent

Breaking News: Superman is HOT! Yes, I know, actually not that surprising. But a new image of David Corenswet filming Superman, the James Gunn film in his new DCU for Warner Bros., has surfaced. And I am alive.

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Because the image isn’t actually a “first look” but rather a set leak, I won’t share the image here. But if you go to X and simply search for Clark Kent, you will see the image in question. For now, I will simply say that the minute I saw the picture, I did scream out loud because this is my kind of Clark Kent.

The typical Clark vibe is messy hair, glasses, and a suit that isn’t quite fitted to his frame. It is, sadly, my type but I blame how much I love Superman for that one. The “Clark Kent effect” works because he looks so messy and clumsy as Clark and the image does a great job of showing us how Corenswet is going to embody that aspect of Kal-El.

We’ve also gotten leaks showing closer looks at Superman’s suit and the colors of it are vibrant, beautiful, and exactly what I wanted out of James Gunn’s take on the character. It does feel great knowing that this version will return to the vibrancy of the red, blue, and yellow that we know and love.

Why this look is so exciting

The fun thing about Superman stories is that you have to approach both Superman and Clark Kent as two kinds of vibes. You have the put-together appeal of Superman and then a man who is trying to be hidden in Clark Kent. I have always thought the “hidden” aspect of Clark Kent was funny because he is still a very tall cute man.

But the two really do go hand in hand with each other. It is important that they work together. Seeing how different Corenswet’s Superman vs. Clark look has me so excited for this take on the character. Henry Cavill, Brandon Routh, and Christopher Reeve all had similar hair and looks between the two with the glasses doing a lot of work for Clark Kent.

Corenswet looking different from his Superman is a great sign for what’s ahead! I’m interested to see how the looks work in the context of Superman but for now, I will just have to hope I get a better look at this vibe sooner rather than later. I … need to make it my cellphone background.

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