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Lionsgate Shows Off District Logos in Hunger Games Viral Marketing

May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor

I saw these yesterday and am unashamed to say that I squealed a little bit. In preparation for next spring’s release of The Hunger Games movie, Lionsgate is running a viral marketing ploy to get enthusiastic fans of the series (because I can’t quite imagine who else would be interested in the logos of districts, considering there are some that the books never even visit) to Like and Tweet their allegiance to the twelve districts of Panem, the nation in which The Hunger Games is set. Once the internet does a certain amount of social media groveling to each  district, the place’s unique crest will be revealed on its Facebook page, much like Warner Bros’. release of the first official photo of Bane.

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So far, logos for districts 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, and 12 are up.

District 9? That’s where they put all the Prawns, right? But seriously, folks…

Why aren’t Districts 4 and 11 up yet? That’s where Finnick and Rue are from. Slackers! If you feel like subverting yourself for shameless marketing ploys today, check out (“.pn” is the country-related domain ending of the Pitcairn Islands, not Panem. In case you were wondering.)

(via Screen Rant.)

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