Humble Bundle 6 Brings Better Dungeon Crawling, Parkour Janitors, and Physics

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It’s been a while since the last one, and maybe Humble Bundle felt like we needed enough time to complete all of the games they’ve been barraging us with ever since they began release awesome, cheap, DRM-free bundles to the world. After taking a quick respite with a music bundle, Humble Indie Bundle 6 brings us back to the full, main installments of everyone’s favorite bundle of indie games. This time around, Torchlight leads the pack.

Along with Torchlight, which happens to be releasing in the Humble Indie Bundle only two days before its sequel hits the market, you’ll find gravity puzzling platformer Rochard, Arkanoid-alike Shatter, the collision of popular fads that also happens to be an RTS Space Pirates and Zombies, and also Vessel, a water-based physics puzzler. As always with the Humble Indie Bundle, everything is DRM-free, and includes a variety of ways to download your games, which run on a variety of different operating systems. You can pay what you want for the bundle — one penny, thirty-eight billion dollars, two pennies — but if you pay above whatever the going average others have paid for the bundle is, you can unlock Dustforce, an amusing platformer reminiscent of games like Super Meat Boy, except you’re a janitor and really hate on some dust.

Along with the games, five soundtracks are included, so you can take the dulcet atmospheric tones of cleaning up dust and dungeon crawling with you when you’re away from your gaming rig. Check out the trailer for the bundle below, and really, there hasn’t been a reason not to buy a Humble Indie Bundle, and there isn’t one now. Get to it.

(via Humble Bundle)

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