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Humble Indie Bundle 4 Releases, Crushes Us Under Weight of Awesome Indie Games

Releasing in a frequency that seems to now be a deluge of awesomeness, the Humble Indie Bundle 4 has arrived, bringing a new slew of multiplatform, DRM-free games at the low, low price of whatever you want to pay. As always, if you pay above the bundle’s average, which is currently $4.84 at the time of writing this post, you will get a couple bonus games with your purchase. This time around, the pack is headlined by Super Meat Boy and Bit.Trip Runner, with Shank, NightySky HD, and Jamestown rounding out the bundle. The two bonus are some of the most well-known indie games, Gratuitous Space Battles and Cave Story+. So guy by the bundle, because somehow, the Humble Indie Bundle continually provides a bunch of good games for the low price of whatever.

(via Humble Indie Bundle)

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