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Hulu’s First Original Scripted Series Battleground Debuts Next Month

Online streaming service Hulu has announced that it will debut its first original, scripted series Battleground on February 14th. The series will be a 13 episode mockumentary from The Amazing Spiderman director Marc Webb. With Netflix’s own original series Lilyhammer debuting just days before, online streaming could become a “battleground” in its own right.

The series, which was originally passed on by Fox, will follow a desperate third-place candidate trying to win a senate seat in Wisconsin — presumably the titular “battleground” state. It’s a promising premise, though that’s about as far as details go regarding the series.

However, it won’t be the only original series coming to Hulu. The company has also ordered a second season of Morgan Spurlock’s actual documentary series A Day in the Life, which was Hulu’s first foray into original programming. The company will also be running a travel show from Richard Linklater called Up to Speed.

What will be really interesting is how well this and Netflix’s Lilyhammer, which debuts February 6th, are received. Subscribers of both services have already shown their willingness to watch other tried and true TV and movies, but whether or not these services can convince them to take a chance on something entirely new is another matter altogether.

(via TechCrunch, Business Week)

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