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How To Train Your Dragon 2 Has a Teaser Trailer!

And Fansplosions Abound

It’s official: How To Train Your Dragon 2 has a teaser trailer!

This is the first of the “big four” (the four being: HTTYD, Brave, Tangled, and Rise of the Guardians, which do, in fact, have a collective fandom) to get a sequel, so expect fansplosions from the Tumblr set and lots of excitement.

The new video features the flying acrobatics of an older Hiccup and Toothless, being daring and fearless and badass as they rocket through the sky. Also, is it just me or did Hiccup pull the animated equivalent of a Neville Longbottom and had a very successful time with puberty?

Based on the flying maneuvers the dynamic duo are pulling in this video, it looks like Hiccup did figure out “how to train [his] dragon”!

(via io9)

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