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So, the Trailer for the Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Webseries H+ Looks Pretty Awesome

The trailer for thew forthcoming webseries H+ looks ambitious. Not only does it aim to tell a sprawling tale of technology gone horribly awry, but it aims to do so online.

Here’s all you need to know: H+, or Hplus Nano Teoranta allows people to access the Internet with their brains (like Roast Beef did that one time). Predictably, this goes very, very badly and society collapses after something starts affecting those people who underwent the procedure. In the wake of this global disaster, humanity must pick up the pieces.

The series looks pretty dang exciting, and will be debuting on August 8th at Comic-Con. However, you can subscribe to the series’ channel on YouTube — which suggest to me that this might be given away for free. Regardless, this looks like some quality, mold-brealking entertainment and I can’t wait to consume it.

(via Badass Digest)

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