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New Trailer for Moon Nazi Movie Iron Sky, No U.S. Release Date


It’s a universal rule that Nazis are the best possible villains for movies. The film Iron Sky understands this all too well, as its plot hinges on the conceit that the Third Reich’s space program was successful, allowing some evil doers to escape the Allies at the end of the Second World War and set up shop on the dark side of the moon. Now, there’s an official U.S. trailer for the movie but, sadly, no release date. See the trailer, after the break.

Given the number of spaceship battles and Nazi antagonist, I don’t see how this movie could possibly go wrong.

That is, assuming it ever actually opens in the U.S.. The film debuted in Berlin back in February and has been jumping around Europe ever since. The trailer, as you’ll note, has an MPAA rating and the movie does indeed have a U.S. distributor — but nothing beyond that. Hopefully, this bizarre, campy romp will be coming to a theater near you. Maybe.

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