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How to Get Your Hands on That ‘Bluey’ Advent Calendar Book Collection

Bluey has taken the world by storm—and if the usual plushies, books, and figurines aren’t enough for the ravenous kids (or adults) in your household, then everyone’s favorite rambunctious blue heeler has an advent calendar that’s sure to delight. If you can actually get one, that is.

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What exactly is this Bluey advent calendar? Where is it being sold? Here’s all you need to know!

How to get the Bluey advent calendar book collection

If you’re in Australia or the U.K., you’re in luck: you have easy access to what looks like the best Bluey advent calendar on the market.

This advent calendar comes with 24 booklets, which contain Bluey stories and coloring pages. The booklets, which include Grannies, The Beach, Bingo, and other stories, can be placed back in the calendar so that your family can rediscover them next Christmas instead of watching them get slowly ripped up and trampled on your kids’ bedroom floor.

If you’re in Australia or the U.K., simply follow the links on the product page to order from Amazon, Booktopia, or other retailers. Prices vary based on the retailer.

If you’re anywhere else in the world, brace yourself for some bad news. The calendar with the books currently isn’t available outside of those two countries. However! Some retailers, like, will ship internationally. If you’re willing to shell out for international shipping costs, then plug in your home address and try your luck.

There’s another Bluey advent calendar for us hapless American slobs

If you’re in the U.S. and shipping from the U.K. is too expensive, don’t worry—there’s another Bluey advent calendar available from Target for around $25.

Sort of. It’s already out of stock, but seeing as I’m writing this article less than 24 hours after Halloween ended, hopefully they’ll get more in before December begins.

Anyway, this advent calendar doesn’t come with books. Instead, it comes with little toys that you can arrange in a Christmas scene. Also, it’s not reusable—once you open the perforated windows, it looks like they stay open. Producing trash and avoiding books? It’s the American way!

Have a very Bluey Christmas!

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