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I’m Going To Have To Pay HOW MUCH for ‘GTA 6’?!

Wait, woah, what?

A teaser image for GTA 6

I’m buying Grand Theft Auto 6. It doesn’t matter how much it costs. It doesn’t matter how much playtime I get out of it or how realistic it is. I’ve played every Grand Theft Auto game, from the very first game to GTA 5, and I’m absolutely purchasing GTA 6 as well.

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I’m also incredibly curious about its final price. Rumors have soared around the internet for ages about the cost for Rockstar Games’ upcoming masterpiece, and let’s face it, AAA video games are already getting too expensive. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 costs $69.99? What the hell?! I don’t spend that much going out for dinner and drinks in Manhattan!!

Given GTA 6 plans to offer an incredibly immersive gameplay experience, many fans fear the game will cost far more than even the now-standard $69.99 offering. So, how much will GTA 6 cost? Here’s what we know so far.

How much will GTA 6 cost?

For now, we have no idea. GTA 6’s first trailer dropped on Monday, Dec. 4, where we got our first look at the series’ return to Vice City. We won’t mince words here. The game world looks utterly gorgeous, complete with a Bonnie-and-Clyde-like storyline that introduces the first official single-player female player character since GTA made the switch to full 3D.

However, Rockstar was scant on release details in the reveal trailer. We know the game is coming out in 2025, and that’s it. Check out the video below.

So, as for the price? We only have rumors to go off of. And the current rumor mill around GTA 6’s price is wild. In September 2023, Niche Gamer claimed GTA 6 would cost $150, according to a rumored “leaked conversation between developers” from 2022. Yeah, sure, that sounds credible.

Despite the fact that the $150 claim has spread across the internet, we haven’t seen a single bit of information from Rockstar to suggest the game will actually cost that much money. Nor have we seen any credible leaks suggesting the game will cost more than the standard. Also, let’s just be real, paying twice the cost for GTA just simply doesn’t sound viable when the economy feels like garbage. The near-$100 AAA price tag is already a sticker shock for most gamers, $150 would give some of us a heart attack.

So, is it safe to say GTA 6 will cost $69.99? It’s plausible, given Hogwarts Legacy, Starfield, Spider-Man 2, and Star Wars Jedi: Survivor all launched at $70. But for now, we just don’t know. We’ll hear more about the game’s cost as 2025 draws closer.

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