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Complete ‘Gen V’ Episode Guide

Gen V, the new spinoff of Prime Video’s The Boys, is almost done with its first season. But how many episodes can we expect to see in season 1, and will the series return for another round? Here’s everything we know.

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The first season of Gen V has eight episodes: “God U,” “First Day,” “#ThinkBrink,” “The Whole Truth,” “Welcome to the Monsters Club,” “Jumanji,” and the final two episodes in the season—the titles of which have not yet been released.

The episode titles are often plays on pop culture references (like the Robin Williams film Jumanji) or on tropes associated with school-based media (the first day of school).

The episode summaries are also parodies of college announcements that appear helpful at first glance but do little to actually prepare or help students for the trials and tribulations of university life. For example, the summary for the first episode, “God U,” takes the form of an admissions acceptance letter, welcoming new students into Godolkin University:

Congratulations! You have been chosen for admission to Godolkin University! We’re thrilled to be a part of your journey to discovering what kind of super you are! Since its founding in 1965, God U has produced some of the best and brightest superheroes the world has ever known, including three members of The Seven! And who knows? Maybe you’ll be next!

Amazon has also confirmed that Gen V will have a second season, meaning that we can expect at least eight more episodes—bringing the grand total to 16.

Hopefully, Amazon won’t continue the Netflix curse by canceling this show after two seasons.

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