Mikasa asking for everybody's help to subdue Eren in Attack on Titan Season 4, Part 3.

How Many ‘Attack on Titan’ Episodes Are There?

Attack on Titan is over—but for all the binge-watchers out there, this is great news. You can finally catch up on the anime that has been trending for over a decade. Creator Hajime Isayama ended the story with a satisfactory conclusion in the manga, and the MAPPA animators’ hard work made the anime’s finale even more bittersweet for fans.

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It really is the end of an era—Attack on Titan has been a constant part of the anime landscape and community. This is an anime that many have grown up with, and many others were introduced to anime in general because of this series.

Attack on Titan began with a boy dreaming of the world beyond the walls he grew up behind. Eren Jaeger simply found Wall Maria restrictive and wanted to live in a world without the threat of man-eating Titans. But what started as a story of a boy longing for freedom evolved into something so much more complicated than what fans anticipated. The origins of Titans, the truth of the outside world, and the secrets of The Ruler of The Walls were pivotal points that sent Attack on Titan into a complex rollercoaster with unexpected highs and lows.

The best part is that most seasons can be watched in just a few sittings.

The manga finished on October 19, 2021, and the anime wrapped up its last-ever episode on November 4, 2023. Anime fans who have Crunchyroll subscriptions can binge all 89 main episodes of Attack on Titan now. The first season has 25 episodes, the second season is the shortest with only 12 episodes, the third season has 22 episodes, and the heartbreaking yet thrilling fourth season has 30 episodes in total, split across multiple parts. The last two episodes are feature-length episodes. Crunchyroll also lists a few specials that fit into the seasons but aren’t part of the main episode count.

If you’re also interested in the OVAs (also known as OADs)—special episodes that were released alongside select volumes of the manga and provide a lot of character depth—then there are an additional eight episodes for you to watch. That’s a lot of Attack on Titan episodes that you can delve into right now.

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