The Bridgerton Family (sans Francesca) in Bridgerton season 1

Lady Bridgerton Had Her Hands Full With So Many Bridgerton Kids Running Around the House

The Bridgertons are one big happy family—well, for the most part. As all siblings do, they often tease each other mercilessly, but it’s clear that, despite some of the age differences between them, they love each other dearly. Violet, and Edmund, before he tragically passed, certainly knew how to raise their children with love and care.

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But just how many siblings did the Bridgerton brothers and sisters have to contend with when they were growing up? How often did Francesca feel the need to take a moment for herself within the chaos of Bridgerton House? How often did Colin compare himself to his older brothers, and how often did Hyacinth and Gregory bicker as the two youngest siblings of the family?

At times, my one and only sibling was a handful; I can’t imagine what it must be like growing up with seven of them. That’s right, all in all, there are eight Bridgerton kids, each with their own hopes, aspirations, and interests. Some are quieter, some are more independent, others enjoy their artistic pursuits, and others shoulder the burden of responsibility and setting the right example.

Eight kids is a lot, so to make it easier to keep track of them all, Violet and Edmund Bridgerton named them all in alphabetical order, a tradition that the new Duke and Duchess of Hastings are hoping to carry on. The Bridgerton kids are, in order:

  • Anthony Bridgerton
  • Benedict Bridgerton
  • Colin Bridgerton
  • Daphne Bridgerton
  • Eloise Bridgerton
  • Francesca Bridgerton
  • Gregory Bridgerton
  • Hyacinth Bridgerton

The question is, how many of these love stories will we see play out on our screens? At least we can always turn to Julia Quinn’s original Bridgerton books to find out what happens to each sibling.

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