Nanami Kento moments before giving Shigemo Haruta a beating in Season 2 of Jujutsu Kaisen.

How Does Nanami Die? Nanami’s Death In ‘Jujutsu Kaisen’ Explained

If you’re an anime-only fan looking for something to cry about, Nanami Kento’s death might be a good place to start. The Shibuya Incident wasn’t just a tragedy; it was a bloodbath that killed scores of civilians and sorcerers alike. It’s awful that Gojo Satoru got sealed in the process, but that’s unfortunately just the start of the other gruesome things to follow during the notorious Halloween night of 2018. Sorcerers from various grades, including students, were not spared from the brutal plan devised by Kenjaku and his ragtag gang of cursed spirits.

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Despite being a Grade A sorcerer, even Nanami Kento was not spared by Jujutsu Kaisen‘s author. It seems that Gege Akutami noticed how popular he was getting in polls and decided to inflict severe emotional damage on the fanbase by mercilessly dispatching the character from the manga. Nearly two years after his death in the manga, many fans are begging this fictional man to turn back and leave Shibuya for good in a delusional attempt to save him.

How does Nanami die?

It took a lot of sustained injuries for Nanami Kento to finally be taken down. His last fight against Dagon, alongside Zenin Naobito and Zenin Maki, proved to be injurious. Dagon was a powerful curse with a great domain. Kento himself admitted that he and both the Zenins would’ve died, had Megumi failed to show up in time as reinforcement. In an attempt to flee the domain, Fushiguro Toji enters the scene and makes quick work of Dagon with Maki’s weapon. This caused the beach-like domain of Dagod to collapse, which is great news if Toji wasn’t going to be a problem.

During his skirmish with Dagon, Kento’s shoulder was deeply cut and his right eye was also taken out. He was bloody, but the rest of him was still intact. After the fight with Dagon, Jogo, another curse from Kenjaku’s team, lit a very injured Nanami on fire. A testament to his strength, he lived even after he was engulfed in flames and even looked for Megumi.

He doesn’t find Megumi but comes across Mahito instead. This happened right after Kento fought and obliterated a small hoard of spirits. Nanami Kento and Mahito once fought in the first season of the anime, and it was clear that he was barely a match for Mahito and his abilities. Now that he was severely injured with a barely functioning arm, a lost eye, and was suffering what looked to be third-degree burns, there was no way that he’d be able to fight the curse. He didn’t have to do much, Mahito merely used his cursed technique to completely disfigure Nanami Kento into pieces.

The anime is likely to portray this in brutal detail to maximize tears from Jujutsu Kaisen‘s fandom. Nevertheless, Nanami Kento died thinking about a vacation he wouldn’t ever have the chance to take. Upon seeing Itadori Yuji moments before Mahito took his life, Kento merely smiled at his student and told him, “You’ve got it from here.”

Yuji and the rest might be capable of handling what’s to come, but it’s clear that the fandom is still breaking down two years after his death. Nobody got it from here on out, Nanami.

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