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Sleek Concept-Turned-Real Watch Tells Time With Words, Has Some Questionable Words

15-year-old Tynan Mayhew is a fan of Japan-based watchmaker Tokyoflash, so he decided to design a concept watch and send it in to them. Awesomely for him, Tokyoflash liked the concept design (seen below) so much, that they actually created the watch, dubbed the Kisai Kaidoku. Aside from the sleek, modern look, the watch uses words to tell the time rather than numbers. However, looking more closely at the watch, one may notice something a little amiss: Among the numbers, one can plainly see the words “ass,” and “poo,” (although one of the letters of the “poo” is being used for “one”) something that wasn’t included in the original concept design. Either way, neat watch, but possibly weird easter egg?

Here is the concept drawing. No asses or poos in sight:

(via The Daily What Geeks)

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