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Sleek Watch Tells Time With Two Pulsating LED Rings

Neat-but-eccentric watch designer Tokyoflash is at it again, this time unleashing the Kisai Seven, a watch that tells time with two pulsating LED rings. Though possibly confusing at first, the two LED rings closely resemble any analog clock: The outer ring displays minutes in increments of five, while the inner ring displays hours. The top and bottom LED strips help display the precise minute, with the fill of the bar signaling anywhere from one to four minutes, so half of a fill would be two minutes.

The watch is a limited edition, is available in blue or white LEDs, and is on sale for $99 through October 28, at which point, the price jumps to $139. Head on over to Tokyoflash to check it out and maybe put in an order.

(Tokyoflash via Technabob)

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