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Pac-Man Watch Is Awesome-Looking, Moderately Confusing

This neat-looking Pac-Man watch, entitled Pac-in-time, is a concept by Benedetto Papi. So, although it doesn’t actually exist, we can sure hope that it might. It’s an extremely stark thing and I’m really digging the simplicity. The only problem is that I can’t exactly figure out how it works. Obviously it tells time by the Pac-Man death animation, but beyond that, I don’t get it. You can tell which is the minute hand and which is the hour hand by where the yellow is, I guess, but do Pac-Man’s daily deaths just correspond with the arbitrary times that the hands cross, like 5:37-ish or 9:48ish? It seems like it’d be cooler if he died on the hour or something, but it’s just a concept, so who knows how it’d work if it ever actually gets made.

Come on Namco. It’s pretty hard to pass up another opportunity to monetize Pac-Man.

(via Technabob)

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