You (Yes, You!) Can Have Your Ashes Loaded Into Bullets

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There are a number of ways to spread the cremated remaihns of your loved ones, but one company had a vision for a unique way to honor the dearly departed. Holy Smoke, a newly incorporated organization, will take a small amount of the decedent’s (SAT word!) ashes and load them inside hollow-point bullets or shotgun shells.

Founded by Thad Holmes and Clem Parnell, former law enforcement officers and current game wardens, Holy Smoke passed a personal milestone this past September by completing their first two orders. Billing their service as not only the perfect memorial for a hunter or member of the armed services, Holy Smoke also stresses the low cost and low environmental impact of this method. This claim may be a little dubious considering the small amount of ashes used, the large amount of bullet involved, and the (occasional) dead animal. That’s not to say that hunting isn’t ecologically sound, just saying that any deer shot with your dead mother’s ashes was definitely impacted.

Currently, the company provides rifle, pistol, and shotgun ammunition through their website. I’m waiting for them to step up to artillery so I can follow in the footsteps of Hunter S. Thompson.

(Holy Smoke, USA Today, image via Bob K.thanks Andrew!)

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