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Watch Dolphins High on Puffer Fish and Staring at Their Own Reflection as David Tennant Narcs on Them [Video]

For dolphins, "deadly neurotoxin" is in huge sarcasm quotes. They could take baths in the stuff.

Last week, we found out that dolphins get high by chewing on puffer fish, and the discovery was caught on hidden camera, but the footage was part of a not-yet-released BBC nature documentary. Today, the BBC finally uploaded a clip of the dolphins passing the puffer (fish) around and being mesmerized by their own reflections. Oh, and it’s narrated by David Tennant.

Last time we put up a clip from the documentary, it was region-restricted the next day, so let’s hope this one sticks around a little longer, because it’s pretty priceless.

[Update] We found the video clip again! Let’s celebrate by watching it 1,000 times, because dolphins are adorable. Sadly, it looks like the BBC region locked this video, as well, and we haven’t found it anywhere else. Yet.

(via BBC on YouTube)

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