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Video Of Beached Jellyfish-Thing Reminds Us That The Ocean Is Filled With Terrifying Horrors

I think I'll stick with freshwater lakes, thanks.

This video of a Portuguese man o’ war washed up on a beach is pretty surreal; it’s mesmerizing to watch it move, in the way that you’re pretty sure it’s an alien, but it definitely came from the sea – which makes it that much worse. Just look at it, staring at you like a creepy, translucent pigeon. It knows it can kill you. It knows.

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These siphonophores (they’re technically not jellyfish) are made up of thousands of tiny organisms called zooids, which are incapable of living apart. So really, what you’re looking at is a ton of tiny creatures that hate you and can sting you into submission. You can find them in the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian oceans, chilling on the surface of the water anywhere from Maine to Scotland, so, enjoy your next dip!

(via Break, image via 4Neus)

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