Song Hye-kyo as Moon Dong-eun at her apartment rooftop from The Glory

Will ‘The Glory’ Return for Season 2? Here’s What We Know

The Glory was a chilling KDrama about revenge like no other. After almost being bullied to death, Moon Dong-eun decided to take revenge. It took her nearly a couple of decades to masterfully enact her vengeance, and she did it in a frighteningly calculated way in just sixteen episodes.

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Dong-eun was just a high schooler who dreamed to be an architect, but everything fell apart when Park Yeon-jin decided to bully her relentlessly. Bullying is an understatement for what Yeon-jin and her friends did to Dong-eun, if anybody could even call assault and disfiguration through curling irons “bullying.”

The series featured a severely underprivileged protagonist and spoiled antagonists, but their characters have been thoroughly built through the stories. Yeon-jin was a beautiful girl who didn’t have any reason to bully Dong-eun, but she toyed with Dong-eun simply because she could. Even in the end, nothing was redeemable about the bullies. It only furthered the narrative that they were evil simply because they were above everybody else because they were born into privilege. They used their power and influence to make Dong-eun’s life miserable, but she worked even harder to take them all down.

Dong-eun didn’t have to attack her bullies. All she did was just set the traps, and they all walked in because they chose to be terrible people. Needless to say, Dong-eun’s a mastermind, and she got to fulfill a carefully crafted plot. More than that, she found somebody who loved her to the point of wanting to be the one to help her commit her revenge.

Many fans speculated that Dr. Joo Yeo-jeong would be the premise for The Glory, Season 2. He finally won over Dong-eun after she completed her mission, and they became a couple shortly. While being Dong-eun’s “executioner’ was thrilling in its own right, Yeo-jeong also had one person to take revenge on. His father was a surgeon and was brutally murdered by a serial killer whom he operated on. The last season ended with Dong-eun and Yeo-jeong plotting their revenge against the serial killer by infiltrating the prison he was in. In almost a Casa Blanca-esque ending, Dong-eun entered prison with Yeo-jeong to carry out their plan.

Unfortunately, there have been no announcements regarding a second season for The Glory. Song Hye-kyo’s acting was phenomenal, and her return to filming dramas was welcomed with open arms. But the first season of The Glory might also be its last.

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