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HFPA President Reportedly Cried Some Classic White Woman Tears Over Jerrod Carmichael’s Golden Globes Jokes

Jerrod Carmichael holds three Golden Globes statues in his arms.

Jerrod Carmichael took the stage as the host of the 80th Golden Globes on January 10 and boldly took aim at everyone, including the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA), Tom Cruise and his Scientology affiliation, and Will Smith. However, it seems that some took his jokes harder than others. HFPA President Helen Hoehne was reportedly upset because Carmichael refused to sugarcoat ongoing problems with the organization.

The HFPA gained heightened scrutiny in 2021, when then-president Philip Berk slammed Black Lives Matter and its organizer, calling the movement a “racist hate movement.” He was removed from the HFPA following the incident (and yet not for allegedly assaulting Brendan Fraser years earlier), but it only served to highlight the problems in the organization—particularly its lack of diversity and its unconvincing vows to reform. The backlash was so intense that many partners and subsidiaries started breaking their ties with the organization, and NBC opted not to air the 79th Golden Globe awards.

While hosting the Golden Globes ceremony, Carmichael addressed the HFPA’s reputation with a few candid jokes. When the HFPA asked him about hosting, Carmichael admitted that he knew a large part of their offer was motivated by his race. Carmichael stated that they hired him because he was Black, insinuating they wanted to use him to prove a point about their diversity and try to cover up their past racism. However, Carmichael noted that we can’t ignore the fact that the Golden Globes didn’t air the prior year because the HFPA didn’t have a single Black member until the murder of George Floyd in 2020. He also revealed that he declined to meet with Hoehne, who made multiple requests for a one-on-one meeting with the comedian. Carmichael quipped, “No thanks. I know a trap when I hear a trap.”

The HFPA president reportedly cried because of Carmichael’s joke

Crying Illana Broad city
(Comedy Central)

Carmichael also took some pretty brutal digs at Cruise and Smith, though neither responded to the jokes. However, “multiple sources” told The Hollywood Reporter that the HFPA president took Carmichael’s mild dig pretty personally. Insiders say she was “shaken” and “shocked and upset” by Carmichael’s jokes. Sources also reported that the distraught Hoehne was spotted being “consoled” after listening to the monologue.


Others in the HFPA were also reportedly offended by Carmichael’s jokes. Insiders complained that he made the show “awkward and uncomfortable.” Another whined that the show “didn’t feel fun” because of Carmichael’s monologue. However, Carmichael wasn’t very comfortable either, sharing the conflict he felt when HFPA first offered him the role, given their consistently racist track record. It also likely would’ve been far more awkward for Carmichael to hype up the HFPA just a year after their Golden Globes show didn’t air … because of their racism.

Another source has refuted the claims that Hoehne was “emotional” over the jokes. They also praised her for being a “resilient, positive, and effective leader.” It can’t be denied that the HFPA has been putting in some efforts for reform, but it must still be noted that their racism isn’t just going to be swept under the rug immediately. Carmichael was bold enough to tell audiences how it was and to host and celebrate the Golden Globe awards without giving undue praise to the HFPA. Whether or not you think the dig at Hoehne was warranted, it’s a pretty trivial thing for one to cry over.

(via The Hollywood Reporter, featured image: Rich Polk, NBC)

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