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Here’s Why Atsu and Braxophone Have the Genshin Impact Community in Turmoil

The Genshin Impact creators circle is in turmoil now after AsianGuyStream, a.k.a. Atsu, released a 34-page Google Doc concerning the drama between him and fellow content creator Braxophone.

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On June 8, 2024, Atsu shocked the internet by releasing a Google Doc named “Closure.” In his tweet, he talks about how he lost his career, livelihood, and more, due to the issues between him and Braxophone, which first became public knowledge in February of this year.

The drama between the two of them spiraled out of control, implicating several other content creators, mostly in the Genshin Impact sphere. Though months of silence went by after Atsu and Braxophone supposedly patched things up, the can of worms has once again been opened.

The start of Atsu and Braxophone’s beef

In February, Braxophone released a document titled “About Atsu” and shared it with his X followers, which has since been deleted. The 12-page document spoke about Braxophone’s relationship with Atsu, and it was obvious they were not on good terms.

In his document, he stated that Atsu hated him for reasons unknown. He accused Atsu of spreading hate towards Braxophone among other creators and industry professionals, claiming Atsu had connections with Hoyoverse (Genshin Impact’s company) that prevented him from securing projects with them. He also claimed Atsu would use people for social climbing, while hypocritically calling people not in his circle of friends “ladder-climbers.” Lastly, he accused Atsu of “coming” for him and his friends.

Initially, Atsu took to X in an attempt to debunk everything Braxophone said, which has since been deleted. Soon, other content creators, such as Tectone, would release content against Atsu and support Braxophone. It is important to note that Tectone and Atsu have had long-standing beef since before the latter started streaming Genshin Impact, which ultimately soured the whole situation.

In the end, Atsu and Braxophone spoke privately to clear the air and apologize to one another. Atsu released his own 43-page document to address the drama and allegations made against him. He also defended himself against other creators who had come out against him.

Brax released another document, confirming that he and Atsu had apologized to one another and that they had no more issues between them.

However, the issues would once again be rehashed.

Atsu releases document detailing the mental health toll following Braxophone drama

On June 10, 2024, Atsu left Genshin Impact Twitter in shambles after announcing he would be retiring from content creation indefinitely. In his 34-page document, he revealed that he has attempted to take his own life twice since February 11.

What was an even bigger shock to fans of Atsu was the revelation that his now ex-wife, Nekkopii, had cheated on him. Atsu found evidence of Nekkopii’s affair on May 9, and after ten years together, they decided to divorce. Nekkoppi has since deleted all of her public social media accounts and has gone off the grid, with Atsu asking fans to treat her with kindness.

Atsu then recalled the drama between Braxophone and other creators in the Genshin Impact space. He also spoke about how friends from his own circle, Dish, and Tuonto, made public remarks that caused people to turn on him. Though he states that he and Braxophone had privately met and had cleared the air, Atsu goes on to recall all the allegations made against him and debunk them, such as accusations that he can control Hoyoverse’s decisions and that he used his power to make sure Braxophone didn’t land a deal with the company. He also penned open letters and apologies to different creators, with some expressing concern and others critical of their actions.

Dish took to her X following the document’s drop. There, she countered Atsu’s accusations against her. Atsu would then counter with his own tweet, leading Dish to respond and state she would no longer try reasoning with Atsu.

Tuonto took to his YouTube channel to address the situation. He expressed remorse for not being there for Atsu and claims he still sees him as a friend. He states that he tries to avoid conflict, but assures viewers he will take responsibility and be a better person.

In response to Atsu’s document, Braxophone released his own document titled “I’m hurt.” He starts the document with a pop quiz for Atsu, before moving on to how Braxophone feels about the situation. He states he feels betrayed by Atsu, noting that Atsu’s document frames Braxophone as a “liar on all fronts.” He then counters Atsu’s claims, stating that he did badmouth Braxophone to other people and that Atsu made it clear to those around him that he hated Braxophone.

He expresses sympathy for Atsu and his mental health struggles but makes it clear he did not “end” Atsu’s career. At the bottom of the document, Braxophone addresses points Atsu wanted him to respond to, such as whether or not Atsu blacklisted Braxophone from parties or that Atsu silences other creators. At the very end, he states that he and Atsu will be speaking later on everything.

Atsu has not posted to his social media since June 10, and it is unknown when the once-beloved Genshin Impact streamer will return.

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